Social Capital Partners

About Us

At Social Capital Partners, we believe that applying market-based solutions to tackle systemic social issues is a critical component in creating sustainable impact. Specifically, we design and implement new models that address access to employment issues faced by over 1M Canadians. Our models stem from new approaches to both systems change and social finance, but share a common focus to improve employment opportunities and outcomes for youth, new Canadians, persons with disabilities, aboriginals and single parents. We partner closely with businesses, community service agencies, governments, consultancy firms and a host of many others to test, tweak, prove, launch, and ultimately scale our models with a focus on addressing industry and business needs to achieve widespread social impact.

Social Capital Partners is a national non-profit organization founded in 2001 by Canadian business leader and philanthropist, Bill Young.  We are made up of a small but dynamic team of non-profit and private sector professionals who are eager and tenacious about influencing systems change and innovative social finance solutions in Canada.