Social Capital Partners

Ideas and Learning

Ideas and learning along the way.

In this section, we've collected different presentations and documents that we've referred to throughout this site. We will continue to update the section with new content as new initiaitives and ideas are generated.

Investment Selection Strategy

In our initial phase (2001-2006) we arranged for various forms of financing (grants, equity and primarily loans) for "purpose built" social enterprises. Find out more about our rationale for facilitating investments in social enterprise, the lessons we've learned, and how our strategy has evolved to engage the private sector through franchise models.

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Social Capital Markets

Our belief is that there is a lack of financial instruments for non-profits to use and a shortage of value propositions for "social investors". With the help of RBC Capital Markets, we have studied the parallels between private sector capital markets and the market for social capital, as well as opportunities to adapt financial vehicles that fund unique private sector organizations to fund social initiatives.

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SROI and Performance Measurement

Since SCP's inception we have integrated performance measurement and success metrics into our practice (read more about our Measurement Philosophy). SCP's Social Return on Investment (SROI) framework and resulting annual SROI report cards allows us to understand and demonstrate the 'blended value' generated by hybrid business models.

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