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Every business needs money and people. SCP's mission is to help businesses have access to both, and through this generate both financial and social returns. We don't do this ourselves, however - our role is to facilitate relationships where we connect good businesses with community agencies that help people find employment.

Agencies like the YMCA, JVS Toronto, The Career Foundation and others are contracted by the government to deliver training and skills development training to people in order to help them get a job. What often happens, however, is that employers don't think about these agencies as HR recruiting channels - despite the fact that agencies can often deliver a pool of pre-screened, job-ready candidates for employers. At a fundamental level, this is much better than placing an ad in the paper and receiving a few hundred resumes that you may have to sort through. At the same time, agencies can deliver training in areas such as conflict resolution and customer service that contribute to success on the job.

On the other hand, SCP facilitates financing at attractive rates to employers. The more people that are hired through these agencies, the lower the interest rates are. For employers, we've found that the benefit of getting the right people often outweighs the benefits of this financing - but particularly in this economy, favourable financing is always appreciated. SCP's role is to understand the employer's HR  needs, find the right match with local community employment agencies, and build an ongoing relationship that delivers a social dividend.

At SCP, we don't see ourselves as a HR agency, but an organization that has the ability and resources to speak the language of both the nonprofit and private sectors. We've built a track record of facilitating good jobs for hundreds of people who face employment barriers, and for creatively delivering on partnerships between nonprofit and private sector organizations. And even though we are a nonprofit ourselves, we firmly believe that market forces can be harnessed to deliver social change, and have found a way to creatively "connect the dots".

And that's what we mean when we say that we Profit Everyone.


Posted by Karim Harji on Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

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