Social Capital Partners

Our Approach
Social Capital Partners applies market-based approaches to address systemic social challenges and produce long term impact.

We focus our efforts on employment challenges faced by over 1M Canadians, a group overrepresented by youth, persons with disabilities, new Canadians, aboriginals and single parents. By partnering with private, public and non-profit organizations, we bring the right parties to the table to make the path to training and employment quicker, simpler and more effective to meet the needs of both employers and job seekers. 

The way we work is similar to a start-up: We develop a theory of change, we test it on the ground through pilots, we evaluate and tweak the model, and we prove the concept over a period of time. Throughout this iterative process, we apply action-based research to continually improve our models based on lessons learned and track performance based on key social metrics. Our fundamental motivation is to catalyze scaled impact by developing models through two unique lenses -- systems change and social finance.

Approach to Systems Change:

We seek to catalyze large scale systems change in the employment and training sector to make it easier and more efficient for employers to recruit from community-based agencies that support individuals who face employment barriers.  We believe that the current employment and training system and related government-funded programs should be transformed from ones that are primarily supply-based, in which the job-seeker is viewed as the customer, to ones that are more demand-focused, in which the employer is treated as the customer. Our strategy is to challenge the existing supply-demand interface, and in doing so, benefit employers in a manner that increases opportunities for Canadians struggling to find work.

Approach to Social Finance:

We seek to catalyze the adoption of impact investments by the private sector and mainstream financial institutions with a long term vision of a robust social capital marketplace in Canada. We believe our approach to impact investing is unique and goes beyond traditional impact investing in social enterprises (which is where we started back in 2001). Our Franchise Impact Fund is designed to leverage investments in traditional private sector businesses -- minimizing the financial risk of our loans by investing in established franchise concepts, and maximizing the scalability of our social impact by investing with multiple business owners within a franchise system. 


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