Social Capital Partners

Case Studies

“Our partnership with Social Capital Partners was a terrific fit for us because it matched perfectly with what we were already doing. It’s a win-win for everyone.” Ralph Chiodo, Founder and President of AG+R

SCP’s first, and most long-standing partnership, is with Active Green + Ross (AG+R), a car service company with over 70 locations throughout southern Ontario. In our first deal with the franchise chain, we provided financing to the manager of a company-owned store so that he could purchase the location and operate it as franchise owner, as opposed to being a manager and employee of AG+R. In turn, he made five community hires who became successful long term employees of the franchise.

The success of the first deal led to full scale implementation of our financing and community hiring program across the AG+R network. As of December 2010, SCP’s partnership with AG+R has enabled the franchisor to expand its network by 50% in the last 4 years. We have financed 26 of 32 new locations and helped source qualified, pre-screened employees from the community. Our hiring support has saved franchisees over $100,000 in recruiting costs and proved so effective that AG+R now uses our hiring model at corporate locations which do not require financing.