Social Capital Partners

For Community Employment Service Agencies
SCP seeks to connect qualified candidates that come through community employment service organizations with local employers that provide good jobs and meaningful career paths.


Through the Community Employment Loan program, Social Capital Partners facilitates access to low interest loans for small business owners, entrepreneurs and franchisees based on their commitment to fill entry-level positions by recruiting job candidates through community employment service providers. The interest rates on the loans are directly linked to outcomes: for every job candidate hired through one of our partnering service providers, the interest rate on the loan decreases.

Social Capital Partners considers multiple criteria before deciding to work with a small business owner or franchisee. These include:

  • A significant number of entry-level positions that require minimal previous experience and a focus on soft-skill criteria
  • Access to skills development opportunities and career pathways
  • Demonstrated history of being a good corporate citizen
  • A commitment to creating an inclusive workplace and supporting entry-level employees

Value Proposition

From the perspective of an employment service provider, Social Capital Partners:

  • Performs upfront business development (job development) and secures a commitment from employers to source candidates for entry-level positions through community agencies
  • Works with employers and agencies to identify the right fit and processes that help create successful on-going community hiring partnerships, including writing job descriptions and organizing on-site visits for agencies to meet employers
  • Helps organize job fairs among multiple local agencies when a new location is opening or has a high volume hiring need
  • Maintain on-going data tracking of the success and progression of candidates hired by the employer

What we expect from employment service providers we work with

Since 2001, Social Capital Partners has worked with many service providers to place candidates with employers in our programs. Through this experience, we have identified a series of best practices that contribute to successful and sustainable job placements, as well as a short list of qualities that we look for in the community agencies we work with. These include:

  • Timely response to new job opportunities, with a time estimation of when and if referrals can be expected
  • Effective screening and matching of candidate referrals based on employer job requirements
  • Processes or tools used to gauge the ‘job readiness’ of job-seeker clients
  • Capacity and process for post-hire client follow-up and support
  • Track record of working with local employers across different sectors of the economy
  • Capacity to meet with the employer  to develop a strong knowledge of the company culture and job  opportunities available
  • Capacity to help organize job fairs for employers when hiring volume is high

A commitment to professionalism, transparency and customer service for both job seekers and employers