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SCP aims to fundamentally change the way that large private-sector firms recruit and retain entry-level employees, while balancing business objectives and community benefits.

Corporate Community Hiring Pilot Project:

SCP aims to fundamentally change the way that large private-sector firms recruit and retain entry-level employees, while balancing business objectives and community benefits. We believe integrating a ‘community hiring’ practice – the strategic recruitment and career building of qualified and motivated individuals outside of the economic mainstream, is not only good for the community, but also makes good business sense.

In 2010, SCP embarked on an 18-month pilot with 3 of Canada’s largest employers to test the scalability of community hiring for corporations.  Our objective is to prove the business case for community hiring to employers, by demonstrating that people who have faced barriers to employment, but are now motivated and ready to work, can perform as well (or better) than hires made through traditional recruitment channels. In these pilots, SCP, in collaboration with local employment service agency partners, developed customized pre-employment training, with the objective of streamlining agency training and preparation of job seekers who have overcome employment barriers, with the hiring cycles and needs of employers.

SCP believes that with the right combination of pre-employment training and post-employment support systems, motivated candidates who would have otherwise been considered less competitive based solely on their experience, would perform as well, or better than, traditional entry-level employees.  Through ongoing data tracking over the span of the pilot project, SCP seeks to build a ‘business case’ for community hiring using evidence-based data that will correlate specific pre-employment support systems, such as skills training, to employment outcomes, such as performance, career progression and retention.

The way it works:

Through research performed by our pro-bono partner the Monitor Group, SCP identified a gap between large employers and the hundreds of local community agencies that provide job search support and skills training to individuals that have faced barriers to employment. As a result, SCP has identified an opportunity for large employers to more effectively hire through community service agencies, and to meet both their business and corporate responsibility outcomes in an integrated manner.

In this model, SCP:

  • Acts as the central point of contact for large employers throughout all phases of hiring
  • Performs due diligence on local agencies and identifies those that are best suited to refer job candidates, based on employer needs and job specs
  • Identifies the best positions to target
  • Develops customized pre-employment training in collaboration with community agencies
  • Performs data management collection on the success and progression of candidates interviewed and hired
  • Integrates employer feedback into future hiring rounds and further customization of pre-employment training

For Canada’s largest employers, SCP views community hiring as the next step in creating diverse and inclusive workplaces while also improving the bottom line.

The way we see it, community hiring makes sense for business , because it provides access to:

  • A loyal and productive entry level work force
  • Customized pre-employment training
  • An efficient and effective screening and recruitment channel
  • The ability to make a significant social impact without compromising profitability
  • A potential marketing platform to enhance reputation as an innovator in the HR field and showcase commitment to corporate social responsibility

The Business Case:

SCP believes that by building a business case for community hiring, it has the potential to become a standard recruitment practice for Canada’s top employers. Our aspirations are that by 2020, 80% of Canada’s largest employers will have a community hiring component built into their regular HR practices.

We look forward to sharing future updates about the status of these pilots.

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We are always building relationships with companies that have either already implemented community hiring in their workplace or are interested in developing a community hiring practice.

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